With the development of carriers' FMC services and the trend of the intelligent cloud network era, quick and effective innovation and user experience improvement have become vital drivers of metro network evolution. To meet the requirements of new services, metro networks must be agile, intelligent, efficient, and open. Huawei CloudMetro is a new metro network solution meeting multi-dimensional requirements for future evolution. It provides independent modules to help operators simplify network architecture and O&M, reduce TCO, and build a smart metro architecture to improve profitability. In addition, Huawei provides targeted solutions to help large operators cope with competition from emerging operators such as MSOs.

Customer Value
  • 10 3

    Improved Profitability

    Improving ARPU through smart metro

  • 5 2

    Service Innovation

    Improving competitiveness through innovative services

  • 8 3

    Simplified O&M and Reduced Costs

    Simplifying the architecture and O&M and reducing TCO by flattening networks

  • 1

    SDN Evolution

    Smart metro evolution based on the SDN architecture


  • CX600 Metro Services Platform

    CX600 is Huawei's router product designed in line with mobile bearer network requirements that focus on the aggregation layer or core layer of mobile bearer networks.

  • ME60 Multiservice Control Gateway

    Huawei ME60 series Multiservice Control Gateway is perfect as service point of presence (SPOP) of IP/MPLS network and BRAS node of broadband service access.

  • NE40E Universal Service Router

    NE40E is a high-end network product released by Huawei primarily used in IP backbone networks, IP MAN and various other large-scale IP network edge positions.

  • ATN Series Product

    The ATN series addresses the challenges of the access layer of operators in the evolution of the integrated bearer network and provides premium IP bearer network solutions for all generation mobile services and FMC.