Premium OTN Private Line

Premium OTN Private Line Solution

High-value enterprise private line users feature high ARPU, low churn rate, and great service growth potential. In addition, private line services may foster other ICT services, helping operators increase revenue. The 80/20 rule applies very well to the enterprise private line market: financial and government customers account for a small percentage of all customers, but contribute the majority of the profit. However, these industries have high requirements for private lines. To help operators attract these high-value customers, Huawei helps operators build premium private line networks using Liquid OTN/MS-OTN and NCE-T.

Customer Value
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    Unified Transmission

    Liquid OTN/MS-OTN provides unified access for fixed broadband, mobile broadband, and multiple private line services, such as wavelength, sub-wavelength, packet, and SDH, perfectly replacing MSTP digital circuits.

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    Agile Services

    On-demand purchase of private lines, hitless bandwidth adjustment, and E2E private line provisioning in minutes

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    High Quality

    OTN hard pipes, physical-layer encryption, and ASON ensure high availability of private line services and provide private lines with minimal latency, perfect for industries such as finance.

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    Online Visualization

    Real-time and visualized SLA and efficient O&M

Solution Features

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By introducing the next-generation MS-OTN technical standard Liquid OTN, to implements flexible containers with a step of 2 Mbit/s, which can match almost all service granularities such as SDH, PDH, ETH, and storage. Premium private lines provide refined on-demand bandwidth resources to meet market requirements with flexibility, efficiency, and simplicity, ensuring ultimate experience and lowering the threshold for service consumption.

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NCE-T can implement centralized control of cross-domain and cross-layer networks. It accelerates service provisioning from weeks to days or even minutes. Flexible service policies, such as bandwidth calendar, are supported to handle traffic surges. The latency of paths can be guaranteed, satisfying high-value customers.


  • OSN 9800 U Series

    The OptiX OSN 9800 U series is a next-generation OTN product that features large capacity, ASON, and the integration of OTN and packet functions. Mainly deployed on super networks and regional networks, it is the best 100G/400G OTN platform in the industry.

  • OSN 9800 P series

    The OptiX OSN 9800 P series is the industry's first commercially available optical cross-connect product. It is mainly deployed at the ROADM nodes of transmission backbone networks and metro networks.

  • OSN 1800 Series

    The OptiX OSN 1800 integrates both OTN and WDM features to uniformly transmit various services at the metro network edge, including broadband, private line, and mobile services.

  • OSN 9800 M series

    The OptiX OSN 9800 M series is the next-generation flagship WDM product that features ultra-large capacity, high integration, optical-electrical integration, and high flexibility and efficiency. This product can be deployed at the backbone, metro, and access layers to foster the rapid development of all services and achieve the optimal per-bit TCO with limited site resources (such as space and power).

  • OptiXstar C800

    The OptiXstar C800 is a CPE OTN platform newly launched by Huawei. It supports the access of various services such as SDH and ETH services. Primarily used in CPE scenarios, this product provides highly reliable private line solutions for governments and enterprises, making it ideal for office, campus, and building interconnections.

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