Data Center Consolidation and Transformation Solution

Data Center Consolidation and Transformation Solution

Huawei IT Transformation Solutions

Traditional IT infrastructure faces many challenges such as aging facilities, low equipment utilization, inefficient use of floor space, power shortages, network congestion, ineffective management, security risks, and other issues.

With years of industry experience, Huawei provides an answer to solve these problems: an end-to-end solution for data center consolidation and migration services, along with a professional consulting team to meet your business needs.

Nowadays, carrier businesses must keep pace with various market influences and demands.  In order to remain competitive, carrier require a flexible IT infrastructure with higher reliability, more efficiency, a shorter time to market, as well as cost savings. Huawei’s end-to-end solutions transform IT systems to fulfill these requirements by developing many future-forward options.

Huawei’s solution architecture is based on a global, industry-leading Service Driven Distributed Cloud Data Center or SD-DC² implementation. Huawei also offers tools for data sets and migration along with a professional team to customize solutions specifically for your ever-changing business requirements. These services include consulting, assessment, architectural design, and migration services for the following situations:

  • Data center consolidation:

Simplify and modernize your IT architecture by transforming a traditional chimney IT system into shared resources that utilize a distributed cloud data center.

  • Resource pool consolidation:

Manage heterogeneous resources, including servers, storage, network, and hypervisor.

  • Server consolidation:

Replace mid-range servers with x86 servers providing virtualization and database migration.

  • Storage consolidation:

Upgrade storage with a converged, virtualized storage pool that interoperates with multiple vendors.

Customer Value


Visible ROI

Global Benchmark and Case databases offer advanced insight while the Analysis report keeps perfect balance to lower TCO


Future-oriented Architecture

Consolidate data centers simplifies IT infrastructure, converge resource pools improves efficiency, VDC makes business agile


Zero Data Loss During Migration

With professional analysis and migration tools, Huawei has successfully migrated 32,000 servers with a success rate of 99.9% and no data loss for 1,800 TB of information