FusionSphere Cloud Operating System

FusionSphere Cloud Operating System

You can simplify the development of cloud computing with careful planning and integration. You’ll also need Huawei’s cloud operating system that includes powerful virtualization and resource pool management functions, comprehensive cloud infrastructure components and tools, and open APIs.

Huawei’s FusionSphere OS integrates the FusionCompute virtualization platform and FusionManager cloud management software. As a result, a wide range of enterprises can horizontally consolidate physical and virtual resources in data centers and vertically optimize the service platform.

• Efficient: Industry-leading performance, large-capacity resource clusters, automatic management, and high elasticity and scalability

• Secure: End-to-end security hardening, multiple disaster recovery plans, virtual antivirus, and Trusted Computing with the Trusted Platform Module

• Converged: Centralized physical and virtual resource management, management of multiple data centers, and one-stop solutions for private, public, and hybrid clouds

• Open: OpenStack-based architecture, hardware and software compatibility, a comprehensive ecosystem, standard open APIs, and embedded Systems Development Kit (eSDK)