FO Solution - Huawei

Full-outdoor microwave

Huawei RTN 310/320 is a full-outdoor microwave transmission device. It connects to service devices through GE ports and supports zero footprint installation, reducing network deployment costs.

RTN 320 supports split mounting and direct mounting, and can share antennas and XMC ODUs with RTN 900.

Ultra-broadband, High Spectral Efficiency, Max 2 Gbit/s per Carrier

  • 112 MHz channel spacing, 4096QAM modulation, and up to 2 Gbit/s throughput per carrier, meeting different backhaul requirements.
  • Adaptive modulation (AM), which increases link capacity while assuring high availability of high-priority services
  • Ethernet Frame Header compression, further enhancing spectral efficiency and packet service throughput over the air interface

Easy Deployment, Easy OAM

  • Full outdoor architecture, allowing zero footprint installation
  • USB flash drive for commissioning and quick configuration, enabling plug and play on site, thereby lowering engineering costs and improving deployment efficiency
  • Wi-Fi maintenance port, allowing for contact-free maintenance, lowering maintenance costs

Comprehensive Ethernet Capability

  • Supporting E-Line or E-LAN services
  • Supporting 8-level QoS, empowering service-aware networks and guaranteeing the transmission quality of high-priority services
  • Supporting the link aggregation group (LAG) feature
  • Supporting ETH OAM, enabling SDH-like maintenance on IP networks and improving maintenance efficiency of microwave networks
  • Supporting Synchronous Ethernet and IEEE 1588v2, meeting the synchronization requirements of wireless and IP networks

Easy Full Outdoor Reconstruction, Smooth Evolution

  • In full outdoor microwave reconstruction projects, RTN 320 can share antennas, couplers, and XMC ODUs with RTN 900, which can effectively protect operators' initial investment.
  • Customers can first deploy 1+0 and later upgrade to 2+0, XPIC, and MIMO dual-channel application. This improves bandwidth and spectral efficiencies, helping save initial investment and reduce TCO.

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