Huawei microwave equipment provides a maximum of 20 Gbit/s capacity by using microwave technologies such as CA (carrier aggregation), MIMO (multiple-input multiple-output technology), common microwave frequency band, and E-band realize dual-frequency microwave, through the combination of "1" dual-frequency antenna + "2" (6-86GHz) RF units of any frequency band.

Using Huawei’s next-generation chips and optimization algorithms, the ultra-low latency of 25us/ sites is achieved. In addition, Huawei's all-cloud network architecture greatly improves network operation efficiency, implements intelligent network O&M, and meets the requirements for bearing new 5G services.

In a 4G/4.5G continuous development and expansion scenarios, microwave can be smoothly upgraded based on existing-network devices. With the CA function and modular antenna application, the capacity can be increased and the network construction cost can be reduced by more than 30% for customers.

Huawei microwave technology applies the microwave technology to the 4G/4.5G network in advance, improving the bearer capability of the 4G/4.5G network and preparing for smooth evolution to the 5G.

Split-mount Microwave

Huawei’s split-mount microwave RTN 900 series is the first TDM/Hybrid/Packet/Routing integrated IP microwave in the industry.


Huawei E-band microwave series. Working at 71-86GHz. Integrated full-outdoor design.

Agile IP Longhaul Microwave

Huawei RTN Agile IP Longhaul Microwave is the new generation longhaul microwave transmission system more flexible design.