2014 microwave intro

Huawei's RTN microwave series integrates advanced technologies in transmission, wireless RF, and data communication. The RTN microwave series includes a 5G-oriented microwave concept, 10 Gbps bandwidth, 50 μs latency, and flexible O&M fully satisfying multi-service bearer requirements in 2G, 3G, LTE, and 5G networks. Developed on new technologies, Huawei RTN microwave series can be used in various scenarios, such as fixed network backhaul, VIP private line, and island transmission.

Product Portfolio

Split-mount Microwave

Huawei’s split-mount microwave RTN 900 series is the first TDM/Hybrid/Packet/Routing integrated IP microwave in the industry.


Huawei 2nd generation full outdoor E-band microwave operates at 71 GHz to 86 GHz and adopt carrier-grade design.


V-band solution highly integrates full-outdoor product operating at the V-band, a frequency band from 59 GHz - 64 GHz.


Huawei second generation full outdoor microwave operating at 6 GHz to 42 GHz.

Agile IP Longhaul Microwave

Huawei RTN Agile IP Longhaul Microwave is the new generation longhaul microwave transmission system more flexible design.