集成的力量 英文

Digital services are gradually changing user behaviors. Huawei has summarized this new user experience model as Real-time, On-demand, All-online, DIY, and Social (ROADS)."

These changes have affected the industry, therefore the ROADS experience requires enterprises to possess agile operational capabilities. This means that enterprise IT systems must change from being ‘support’ systems to being ‘production’ systems, and from supporting internal usage to serving external customers and partners. Networks and IT infrastructure must become software-defined and cloud-based.

To support carriers in ICT transformation, Huawei's strategy for the carrier business has shifted from "product driven + service as support" to "product driven + service driven".

Huawei services' strategy for the carrier business is:

  • To become carriers’ strategic partner for digital operations transformation, to enable ROADS experience and agile operations;
  • To become carriers’ prime systems integrator for ICT infrastructure transformation, to ensure smooth network evolution and seamless service migration;
  • To become the leader in Customer Experience Management (CEM), network planning and optimization, to continuously improve user experience;
  • To evolve managed services from network-oriented to service-and experience-oriented, and from OPEX saving to value creation.

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