Transmission Network

As the indispensable infrastructure for information transmission, transmission networks play a vital role in the communications industry. Huawei provides ultra-high-speed, highly integrated, highly reliable, and future-proof transmission solutions for operators and enterprises, empowering seamless coverage, flexible grooming, and instant connectivity over massive bandwidth. Huawei's transmission product portfolio covers WDM & OTN, MSTP & hybrid MSTP, and marine networks.

Huawei has been investing heavily in transmission technologies for a long period of time, and is committed to building ubiquitous connectivity and promoting next-generation all-optical networks centered on user experience. In terms of optical transmission, Huawei has maintained the largest market share in the WDM domain and the 100G+ high-speed market for many years, and is the first to deploy a 600G commercial network in the world. Huawei has launched the industry's first single-fiber Super C-band solution to improve fiber resource utilization by 50%. Powered by Huawei's latest OptiXtreme series oDSP chips, the Super 200G solution supports multiple adjustable rates from 200G to 600G. Huawei has also launched the industry's first OXC product, which achieves zero intra-site fiber connections and reduces equipment footprint by 80% and power consumption by 60%. Huawei has developed the industry's first OTN chip to implement integrated bearing of multiple service granularities, reducing device types and O&M costs. For the transmission network O&M system, Huawei is devoted to building Optical Intelligence and tailoring automated, intelligent solutions for specific business scenarios to improve O&M efficiency.

Huawei transmission networks are well poised for the upcoming surge in digital traffic brought by the emergence of the mobile Internet, Internet of Things, HD video, and cloud computing, laying a solid foundation for the ICT industry to head into the intelligent era.

In 2014, Huawei delivered several breakthroughs in optical and microwave communication domains. In the optical domain, Huawei deployed over 300 100G WDM networks worldwide, unveiled the industry's first 1T line card, achieved unprecedented 3 Tbit/s transmission per channel, and deployed the world's first commercial T-SDN. In the microwave domain, Huawei's new solutions included full-outdoor microwave, millimeter-wave equipment, and long-haul microwave.

Huawei is dedicated to offering cutting-edge transmission network solutions for customers. According to Ovum, Huawei ranked no. 1 in the WDM/OTN, 100G, and global optical network markets as of Q1 2015. According to Dell'Oro, Huawei ranked no.1 on the global microwave market as of Q2 2015.

Product Portfolio


Huawei's intelligent, end-to-end WDM/OTN optical transport solution is designed for the backbone core, metro core, metro aggregation layer, and metro edge networks.

MSTP & Hybrid MSTP

MSTP is a multi-service transport platform based on SDH, while Hybrid MSTP incorporates evolutions from the new generation of multi-service transport solutions.

Marine Network

Huawei Marine provides highly reliable, cost-effective turnkey submarine cable system solutions incorporating system design, integration and installation services with an on-going focus and commitment to customer support for network operators.