FusionStorage Distributed Storage System


FusionStorage Distributed Storage System

Huawei’s FusionStorage is a distributed block storage software specifically designed for the storage infrastructure of cloud computing data centers. Similar to a virtual distributed SAN storage system, FusionStorage employs distributed technologies to organize HDDs and SSDs of x86 servers into large-scale storage resource pools and provide standard SCSI as well as iSCSI interfaces for upper-layer applications and virtual machines.

FusionStorage utilizes distributed hash-based data routing, distributed caching, global load balancing, and multiple data protection technologies to provide high-performance block storage. These advancements ensure efficient, stable operations for key services in a variety of industries, including finance, telecommunications, securities, electricity, oil and gas. 

• High Scalability: The largest capacity in the industry with support for 4,096 nodes and 196 PB; performance and capacity linearly increase to protect investment with flexible, on-demand control of storage resources

• High Performance: Process 10 million+ IOPS with the fastest network of 56 Gbit/s Infiniband, using distributed controller and cache, parallel I/O processing

• Open Interfaces: Support an IT mixture of cloud and non-cloud hybrid deployments on various virtualization platforms and leading x86 servers