FusionStorage - Huawei products


Huawei FusionStorage fully converged cloud storage features massive scale-out capabilities designed for cloud-based architectures. The on-board storage system software combines the local storage resources of standard x86 servers into fully distributed storage pools, allowing a single system to provide block, file, and object storage services to the upper layer. An enterprise can easily obtain the flexibility and efficiency in data storage required to keep up with the ever-changing dynamics of business.

A converged, elastic, and open next-generation storage service platform

• Convergence of multiple storage services: Distributed block, file, and object storage services are now fully converged onto one platform with unified hardware and shared resources, simplifying O&M

• On-demand resources: Automatic data services and on-demand application-oriented storage resource supplies reduce business TTM from one week to one hour

• Supreme system scalability: Distributed architecture enables easy scale-out which allows for 10 million-level IOPS and EB-level capacity, supporting rapid growth of cloud business

• Open architecture: Compatible with Cinder, Manila, and Swift drivers, the open cloud architecture is OpenStack-compliant by nature. Compatible with Amazon S3 and providing HDFS interfaces, FusionStorage can be integrated into the Hadoop Big Data ecosystem