ATN - Huawei

ATN Series

Based on Huawei’s leading SDN and Any Media mobile carrier concepts with a focus on solving the access layer challenges faced by carriers in integrated carrier network evolution, the ATN series of multiservice access routers offers IP boutique carrier network solutions for sustainable evolution to LTE and FMC convergence carriers. The ATN series, which includes ATN905/905A, ATN910/ 950, ATN 910I, ATN910B, ATN950B, and other multiservice access routers, delivers end-to-end router-based integrated carrier solutions together with the CX600/NE41E series of products.

ATN delivers rich second and third layer characteristics and such features as plug-and-play functionality, no on-site commissioning, and remote maintenance and management.

ATN supports SDN virtual access and is fully suited to the access-layer device large-scale deployment and integrated service access needs. When used together with the CX600/NE40E series of products, the same software platform and same maintenance interface are used for unified network management with a commitment to streamlined IP operations and to comprehensively enhanced operational efficiency for LTE integrated carriers.

As the industry's most compact 2U high 10GE multiservice access router, it can share a cabinet with the base station, with a maximum switching capacity of 56G and support for maximum access of 8*10GE. Supporting E1, STM-1, FE, GE, 10GE, and other rich service interfaces with support for FPIC and flexible access to a variety of services as well as master and power source 1+1 redundancy protection, it is a highly reliable, high-performance multi-service access router.

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