ATN910B - Huawei

ATN 910 Series

The ATN 910 series is designed for base station transport and VIP private line scenarios, providing last-mile FMC integrated service access. This series of 1 U fixed-port multi-service access routers features high performance and flexible interfaces, such as 10GE, GE, and FE. It also supports AC/DC power supplies, and features easy installation and deployment.

    Full-Service Access, Applicable to 2G/3G/4G/5G and VIP Private Line Transport Scenarios

  • Provides various interfaces, such as 10GE, GE, and FE interfaces, for multi-service access in 2G/3G/4G/5G and VIP private line scenarios.
  • Carries, processes, and forwards Layer 2, Layer 3, and L2/L3 MPLS VPN/EVPN services, and supports flexible deployment in various converged transport scenarios.
  • Rich Service Capabilities and Programmable NP Architecture, Supporting Future Evolution Through Flexible Upgrades

  • Adopts the programmable NP architecture, supports interworking and coexistence of traditional MPLS and SR-MPLS/SRv6, and enables smooth network evolution.
  • Supports 1588v2, G.8275.1 full-mode (OC, TC, and BC), 1588 ACR, and synchronous Ethernet clock, meeting high-precision clock synchronization and indoor clock coverage requirements on mobile packet transport networks.
  • Carrier-Grade Service Protection Switching, Without Affecting Services

  • Supports protection technologies such as IP FRR, LDP FRR, TE HSB, VPN FRR, and Topology-Independent Loop-free Alternate FRR (TI-LFA) to implement node-, link-, and network-level protection.
  • Implements fault detection within milliseconds through hardware-based BFD for everything.
  • Intelligent O&M, Moving Towards Autonomous Driving Networks

  • Supports in-band flow detection within milliseconds through the innovative In-situ Flow Information Telemetry (iFIT) technology, accurately restores service paths, and works with iMaster NCE to implement correlation analysis of service experience and network KPIs, allowing faults to be intelligently demarcated within minutes.
  • Supports plug-and-play and automated service provisioning and centrally manages and controls IP RAN devices through iMaster NCE for E2E service provisioning within minutes and SLA visualization.
  • Applications and Benefits to Customers

  • The ATN series routers are in wide-scale commercial use in global mobile transport scenarios, serving more than 130 top carriers worldwide. The routers have helped carriers greatly reduce network construction TCO, and improve service deployment and network O&M efficiency.