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PTN 7900

The PTN 7900 is a 400G metro transport device developed by Huawei to cope with large 4G traffic. It is mainly positioned at the core aggregation layer and backbone network of a metro transport network to carry mobile services and VIP private line services. The PTN 7900 series has three product forms: PTN 7900-32, PTN 7900-24, and PTN 7900-12.The PTN 7900 series supports ultra-large ports such as 200GE, 100GE, and 50GE, and supports mobile-transport features such as SR-TP, FlexE, and iFIT during software upgrade. The PTN 7900 series supports 4G network upgrade to support mobile services and meets the long-term development and evolution requirements of mobile bearer networks.

  • PTN 7900-32
  • The OptiX PTN 7900-32 is positioned at the core layer and backbone network of a metropolitan transport network and provides a maximum forwarding capacity of 12.8 Tbit/s.

  • PTN 7900-24
  • The OptiX PTN 7900-24 is positioned at the core layer and aggregation layer of a metropolitan transport network and provides a maximum forwarding capacity of 6.4 Tbit/s.

  • PTN 7900-12
  • The OptiX PTN 7900-12 is positioned at the convergence layer and large-capacity integrated access layer of a metropolitan transport network. The maximum forwarding capacity is 3.2 Tbit/s.

PTN 7900 Series Products Description

    Provide ultra-high capacity for long-term evolution of bearer networks

  • Ultra-large forwarding capacity, flexible control of core traffic.
  • 200GE/100GE/50GE large ports.
  • Powerful L3VPN capability, supporting ultra-large networking.
  • Support the evolution of 4G bearer networks to mobile services with SPN features.

  • Coexistence and interoperability of traditional MPLS and SR protocols supports network upgrade and evolution.
  • Support mobile-transport functions, such as SR-TP, L3 to edge, and iFIT.
  • Support FlexE network slicing to meet differentiated bearer requirements of different services.
  • Energy-saving

  • Industry-leading power distribution system, allowing on-demand configuration of power input based on the number of boards and power required.
  • 360-degree energy saving with dynamic voltage adjustment, and dynamic hibernation technologies, reducing power consumption.
  • Intelligent heat dissipation technology, improving heat dissipation efficiency.
  • Application and Customer Benefits

    The PTN 7900 is a heavyweight product of Huawei's mobile bearer solution. It supports 4G network upgrade to mobile bearer and long-term evolution of mobile services, effectively reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO). It has been put into commercial use on multiple networks such as China Mobile. Based on the NP architecture, the product features large capacity and low power consumption. Based on the autonomous driving network concept, the product improves network maintenance efficiency and reduces network O&M costs.