AirPON Solution

AirPON Solution

FMC (Fixed Mobile Convergence) is a global trend. To transform from a mobile operator into a full-service operator requires FTTH network construction. AirPON solution comprises the Blade OLT, the DQ ODN(Digital QuickODN ), service acceleration ONT and iMaster NCE. It helps mobile operators quickly develop high-quality gigabit fiber broadband services. AirPON can help mobile operators rapidly cover high-value, highly competitive areas with FTTH, introduce new services such as 4K and cloud VR to provide users with converged broadband. AirPON shortens the TTM of optical fiber construction by 70%, reducing the ROI period from six years to three years.

Customer Value
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    Zero Site Acquisition

    AirPON solution reuses millions of existing mobile stations to shorten the fiber access distance from 5 km to less than 1 km, significantly improving network construction efficiency and reducing the CAPEX by 27%.

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    Zero Fiber Splicing

    End-to-end ODN visualization reduces the ODN sunk cost by 20%, and the whole-process pre-connection solution realizes no fiber fusing, and improves the construction efficiency by 70%.

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    Zero Configuration

    Huawei iMaster NCE enables Blade OLT to support CO+X management, reducing labor costs by 60%. It also enables ONTs to support zero-touch provision (ZTP), plug-and-play, and cloud authentication without home visits.


  • Huawei OptiXaccess MA5801S (Blade OLT)

    MA5801S is an outdoor compact OLT for the gigabit era, providing end users with optimal experience.

  • Huawei OptiXaccess MA5801 (Pizza OLT)

    The MA5801 is a compact and low-density box-shaped OLT, and provides multiple fiber to the home (FTTH) solutions to meet the requirements of economical and efficient network construction.

  • M50 Outdoor cabinet

    The M50 cabinet is a small outdoor cabinet launched by Huawei for the rapid construction of FTTH at old wireless or outdoor cabinet sites.

Success Stories

Chiang Mai: The Northern Rose Blooms with Connectivity

To better people’s lives, and connect the unconnected areas, Huawei’s AirPON Solution providers high-quality gigabit fiber broadband services to remote and difficult-to-reach areas by using green and recyclable resources in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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Huawei SINGLEFAN Pro Solution implemented in El Salvador’s broadband

Huawei’s AirPON solution with full-fibre broadband services was successfully implemented in El Tunco, El Salvador. With end-to-end digitalisation capability, excellent network services will help bolster the tourist economy.

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Gigabit Optical Networks Connecting Remote Villages

Huawei assists China Unicom Qinghai to build gigabit optical networks, which bring a new farming way to villagers in Liebujia Village and free them from laborious tasks and hard work.

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Globe Philippines and Huawei jointly Build 'World's Largest' Commercial AirPON Network

Globe Telecom Philippines recently announced that Huawei's AirPON solution is helping Globe to build a faster and better fiber access network in line with the FMC strategy.

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