MSTP & Hybrid MSTP

MSTP & Hybrid MSTP

MSTP is a multi-service transport platform based on SDH. It inherits SDH's protection, recovery and OAM abilities and supports transmission of PDH, SDH, Ethernet, ATM, and other services. MSTP is the most extensive multi-service transport solution used to carry network applications.

Hybrid MSTP incorporates evolutions from the new generation of multi-service transport solutions. The Hybrid MSTP system uses a unified switching architecture that combines the transmission capacity of conventional MSTP models with the added packet transport capabilities found in the MPLS/MPLS-TP tech.

Hybrid MSTP is fully compatible with existing MSTP networks and delivers improved efficiencies in network O&M, providing the optimal performance and cost-effectiveness to meet the demands of the transformations in packet-based transmission over bearer networks.

According to data released Ovum, as of the second quarter of 2015, Huawei ranked first in the optical network and MSTP/Hybrid MSTP market worldwide. Huawei MSTP/Hybrid MSTP products and services are used in 130 countries and regions worldwide.

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