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Energizing B2C Growth

Operators face stagnating development of the MBB user base and consumer business revenue. Huawei's personal mobile business solutions accelerate the upgrade of MBB services and promote traffic and value monetization, increasing revenue and investment efficiency.

Business Value
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    Maximize User Value with Digitalized Journey

    E2E user operations accelerate migration, optimize structure, and maximize value

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    Aspiring Mobility Monetization

    Focus on user experience to boost the profitability of traffic and experience through visualized, predictable, and manageable traffic management and differentiated experience solutions

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    Innovative Digital Services

    Convenient digital services create revenue growth points for operators, enhancing brand image and loyalty

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    Connect the Unconnected

    Remote coverage solution lowers costs and improves experience, bringing mobile broadband to new users

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    Ecological Cooperation

    Open, cooperative, and win-win. Collaborate with government departments, industry organizations, and industry chain partners, to joint innovation and build a better ICT ecosystem.

Success Stories

Industry Perspective

Unleash the Potential of Personal Mobile Business: How to Grow Carrier Revenue

Over the past 30 years, the global personal mobile business has proliferated.

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Connect the Unconnected: Huawei Aims to Realize Ubiquitous Coverage in Rural Areas and Bridge the Wide Digital Gap Between Urban and Rural Areas

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Building Fully Connected, Intelligent Emerging Markets

Emerging markets now underpin the global economy. Home to up to 85% of the world’s population, they contribute almost three-quarters of global GDP growth, which was 3% in 2017 up from 2.6% in 2016. How can operators to maximize this opportunity?

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Voice of NetOne Zimbabwe Chairman & CEO

MBB penetration is still low in most of Africa. Zimbabwe's NetOne is optimistic about its development prospects.

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A Dynamic and Healthy ICT Industry Needs Government Support

ICT has the power to transform sustainable socioeconomic development and governments have a vital role in forming a favorable environment for its development.

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Hot Topic

  • Maximize User Value with Digitalized Journey

    Digital user operations accelerate MBB user migration and increase operator revenue through precise user identification, digital marketing, and better channel efficiency.

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  • Aspiring Mobility Monetization

    Facing unlimited data challenges ,we use precise traffic assessment, prediction, and yield management to monetize traffic, also we rely upon differentiated experience solutions to enable operators to monetize user experience.

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  • Innovative Digital Services

    Connect operators' telecom infrastructure capabilities, aggregate global partners, and realize Monetization with innovative digital services.

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  • Connect the Unconnected

    Low-cost, multi-scenario, and fast-deploying RuralStar and RuralStar Lite solutions significantly reduce TCO and TTM, enabling operators to cover remote areas.

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  • Ecological Cooperation

    Contribute ideas and efforts for industry policies, cooperate with site partners to acquire sites more conveniently, cooperate with terminal partners to provide more alternative entry-level terminals, and cooperate with industry organizations to cultivate ICT project talent.

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