Horizontal Solution

Horizontal Solution

Infrastructure as a Service, Fast Global Reach

We believe that in an intelligent world, the key to digital success is to think and act cloud-native. In the future, all devices, sensors, and all things will be connected, and all infrastructure and applications will be cloud-based. All applications that can run on the cloud should run on the cloud. Additionally, we need to embrace AI and let data play its part in supporting operational decision-making. Simply put, the right strategy in today's world should be all-digital, all-cloud, AI-driven, and everything as a service.

The goal of Huawei Cloud is to dive into digitalization and provide everything as a service. With Huawei's data centers and acceleration networks all over the world, Huawei Cloud delivers a globally consistent cloud experience, enabling you to quickly reach markets around the world.

Technology as a Service, Jumpstarting Innovation

In 2021, Huawei invested more than CNY130 billion into R&D. Huawei wants to share its technical expertise across many fields with more enterprises so they can leverage Huawei's technologies to accelerate innovation, without having to invest millions in R&D to reinvent the wheel. And the best way to share technologies, we believe, is to provide them as standard cloud offerings through Huawei Cloud. Cutting-edge technologies like cloud-native container cluster scheduling, AI computing frameworks and algorithms, maps, databases, ultra-HD audio and video codecs, CI/CD pipelines, blockchain, 5G, and autonomous driving can all become easy-to-access services on Huawei Cloud.

Transitioning from Cloud-based to Cloud-native

Today, many enterprises are using the cloud by simply lifting-and-shifting applications from on-premises data centers to the cloud. In this mode, resources are pooled to improve utilization and simplify O&M, deployment, and scaling. However, monolithic applications with their siloed architectures may still lead to many problems, such as slow development and a lack of agility.

To go further, enterprises need to evolve towards cloud-native architectures, that is, to build and innovate in the cloud, in a multi-cloud, multi-center distributed architecture, and to develop agile, intelligent digital services. By then, the cloud will no longer be just about resource provisioning. Rather, it will become an application-centric enablement platform that allows you to enjoy the full benefits of going digital.

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