iMaster Autonomous Network Management and Control System

iMaster Autonomous Network Management and Control System

Stimulate Network Potential Accelerate Intelligent Upgrades

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What Is iMaster NCE?

As part of the Huawei ADN solution, NCE is an intelligent management and control unit for the FBB network, and it is also the first in the industry to integrate management, control, analysis, and AI functions. It effectively connects physical networks with business intents and implements centralized management, control, and analysis of global networks. NCE enables resource cloudification, full-lifecycle automation, and data analytics-driven intelligent closed-loop management according to business and service intents, while also providing open network APIs for rapid integration with IT systems. Mainly applied in carrier network, data center, enterprise campus, and enterprise private line scenarios, NCE accelerates service transformation and innovation for carriers and enterprises by improving network simplicity, intelligence, openness, and security.

Key Features
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    Manager, Controller, and Analyzer Convergence Implementing Scenario-centered Closed-loop Autonomy

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    Cloud-premise Synergy for Intelligent and Predictive Network Maintenance

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    Openness and Programmability Enabling an Open App Ecosystem

Related Products

  • iMaster NCE-Super

    NCE (Super), a core component of Huawei's NCE network automation platform, implements hybrid network service automation and optimization across network layers, domains, and vendors, helping you design and deliver high-quality services more quickly and conveniently. It applies to a wide range of scenarios, including B2B private line, IP+optical synergy, and cloud-network synergy scenarios.

  • iMaster NCE-IP

    NCE (IP Domain) enhances service agility, resource visualization, and service automation capabilities. As the brain for intent-driven IP network O&M, NCE (IP Domain) continuously improves network utilization, O&M efficiency, and user O&M experience.

  • iMaster NCE-T

    NCE (Transport Domain) implements digital optical networking, simplified and intelligent O&M, and network autonomy. It delivers optimal user experience and, as the core enabler of Huawei's smart optical network solution, applies to a wide range of optical transport scenarios, such as backbone, metro, and enterprise access network scenarios.

  • iMaster NCE-FAN

    NCE (Access Domain) simplifies P2MP service provisioning and delivers intelligent O&M. It overhauls the traditional complaint-driven approach to O&M and enables traditional tier-1 carriers to implement copper-to-optical transformation and intelligent network O&M.

  • iMaster NCE-Fabric

    Agile Controller-DCN, as the core component of Huawei's cloud data center network, centrally controls and dynamically schedules network resources on demand.

  • iMaster NCE-Campus

    Agile Controller-Campus, as a core component of Huawei's CloudCampus and CloudWAN solutions, implements automated, cloud-based management of campus and branch networks.

  • iMaster NCE-WAN

    The ADN management and control system, which is oriented towards enterprise networks, quickly provides cloud-based private line management services for enterprises.

Success Stories

Guangdong Unicom: Model-Driven Programmable Automation Enables Simplify O&M and Reduce TTM

Based on the iMaster NCE open and programmable platform(AOC), Guangdong Unicom quickly completing multi-vendor 5G service rollout and SRv6 private line automation through customized service model design and developed simple device adaptation code.

MTN Nigeria: Intelligent IP Network Enabled Best Customer Experience

The network optimization function of iMaster NCE-IP can help carriers quickly resolve link congestion in real-time and ensure service SLA. And as a result during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown customer experience was guaranteed in MTN Nigeria.

China Mobile Hunan: Automatic services provisioning at wireless base station, enabling 100 sites to be deployed per day.

China Mobile Hunan introduces the iMaster NCE to implement automatic execution of wireless base station service provisioning processes in a matter of minutes, and without manual intervention. Currently, iMaster NCE has been used to support daily mobile service provisioning for China Mobile Hunan and has been widely used in 7 cities.

China Unicom Beijing:Building an Intelligent Network to Facilitate the Efficient Operation

Beijing Unicom introduced the concept of autonomous driving network(ADN) into E2E mobile backhaul network O&M procedure, realized real-time mobile service SLA visualizaiton to enhance RCA efficiency by 30% and reduce fault location time to 10 minutes. Furthermore, Beijng Unicom is exploring the proactive and predictive O&M based on AI technologies.

Globe in partnership with Huawei reinvents new connectivity solutions for enterprises

Philippines telco giant Globe Telecom reinvents new connectivity solutions for enterprises through network modernization and transformation projects, leveraging on state-of-the-art technologies in Optical Transport, IP, SDN and NFV domain, adopting IP+Optical dual-layer network architecture to deliver premium quality connectivities.

China Mobile Yunnan Branch and Huawei jointly explore a new wireless base Backhaul O&M mode

China Mobile Yunnan Branch took the lead in commercializing the industry-leading measurement technologies in Kunming to build an intelligent O&M platform, comprehensively improved network quality monitoring and analysis capabilities, safeguarding the communications of COP15 in 2021.

Guangdong Unicom and Huawei Build E2E Government and Enterprise Network

21 local networks have been merged into an E2E network in the Greater Bay Area, reducing network latency from 10 to 6 ms. Users can comprehensively monitor network running status as well as view the latency, traffic, and topology.