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Router & Carrier Ethernet product line covers the backbone, metro, and mobile backhaul networks. Large-capacity backbone networks that are highly scalable and reliable work together with smart, minimalistic, and scalable metro and mobile backhaul networks to realize future-proof networks that can bear multiple services with high quality at massive bandwidth, helping carriers reduce their OPEX and improve user experience.

In the backbone network domain, Huawei core routers are at the forefront of industry development. Providing up to 400G/1T line cards and 400G 2+8 clustering, these routers have the industry's largest capacity. They also feature the industry's lowest power consumption thanks to their energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly design, allowing low-carbon networks to be built. From a global perspective, Huawei core routers help customers respond comfortably to fast network development in the cloud Internet era.

In the metro network domain, Huawei's all-service routers and multi-service control gateways dominate the Chinese market, remaining No. 1 in terms of market share. 240G broadband service line cards and 160G CGN line cards, with each slot supporting 64K users, are another of Huawei's strengths in this domain.

What's more, a smart acceleration solution adjusts bandwidth dynamically for win-win collaboration with carriers and OTT vendors, and extensive IPv6 access and transition technologies help carriers smoothly evolve to IPv6.

In the mobile backhaul network domain, Huawei is No.1 in terms of its global market share (according to Infonetics Research and other leading consultancies). It has deployed more than 100 commercial networks for 90+ carriers in over 80 countries. In 2014, Huawei piloted SDN's commercial use on carrier networks ahead of its competitors, and in 2015, it led the industry by rolling out 2 x 100GE Ethernet line cards to support continuous 400GE/1T evolution in the 4.5G/5G era. The introduction of SDN has brought joint innovation with world-class carriers.

Router & Carrier Ethernet product line provides products and services for 35 of the top 50 leading carriers, including France Telecom, Deutsche Telekom, BT, Telefonica, SingTel, Etisalat, KPN, and Vodafone group, as well as the top 3 carriers in China.

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