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  • Digital Managed Network Solution, Inspiring New ToB Service Growth for Carriers

    Global top 50+ countries/regions have released digital economy policies, which aim to accelerate the industry digitalization and propose implementation road map. The industry digitalization will boost carrier’s second growth curve through carrier provide additional services to many industry segments The carriers transform roles from ISPs to MSPs through providing multi service services , for example IP private line plus managed security/campus/WAN/DC services.

  • Premium Private Lines, Driving New Growth of ToB Services

    With the digital transformation and cloudification of enterprises, the number of private line connections and needed bandwidth will increase exponentially. Some industries may raise demanding SLA requirements for private line services, such as online duration, availability, latency, flexible bandwidth, and self-service performance. Operators can upgrade their networks to provide premium private line services to meet the differentiated requirements of enterprise customers in different industries and drive the new growth of B2B services.



Success Stories

China Mobile Yunnan and Huawei Accelerate Astronomical Exploration

Massive amounts of observational data from Yunnan Observatories are securely and quickly transmitted to the Kunming Computing Center through the Green All-Optical Network built by China Mobile Yunnan and Huawei. Timely and accurate Al computing enables faster presentation of observational results, which accelerates astronomical exploration.

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Pan Asia Pacific High-Speed Network, Accelerating Digital Economy Growth

China Mobile International Limited provides several solutions for different international enterprises which are characterized by ultra-large capacity, ultra-low latency, high security, & experience to accelerate their digital transformation.

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Telecom Argentina S.A. : Digital Fiber, Accelerating Digital life

Network building is like a soccer game. The right strategy ensures better engineering optimization, better teamwork, & a better maintenance experience. Telecom Argentina S.A. upgrades its network with Huawei DQ ODN solution, laying down the path to having a significant upper hand.

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CUHKMC: Converged Campus Network support realises "Pioneering Solutions in Healthcare"

CUHK Medical Centre (CUHKMC) has deployed 5G + Wi-Fi + IoT converged network with carrier and Huawei within the hospital. As a smart hospital, the network enables CUHKMC to further its mission of "Pioneering Solutions in Healthcare".

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KOL demystify the network of China

The COVID-19 engulfing the world has made the Internet an indispensable tool for people's life, which has impacted carriers'networks with explosive growth in traffic. China's networks has withstood the challenge of the epidemic situation, behind it is the strategic thinking and advanced concept of Chinese carriers in network architecture design and planning.

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E2E Automatic Leased Line Service, Continuously Leading Industry Innovation

Mr. Marco Arioli, head of Network Engineering of Fastweb Italy, is sharing his experience working with Huawei on the NetCity project. Check how is Huawei NCE(Network Cloud Engine) enabling network automation and predictive maintenance for Fastweb to succeed in the changing market.

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